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Kyoto and Nara Day Trip

Enjoy the atmosphere of Kyoto’s Arashiyama district and admire the beautiful grounds of the Kinkaku-ji temple. Then head to Nara and see the wild deer of Nara Park.

Tsukiji Fish Market Food and Culture Walking Tour

Take a deep dive into the world of Japanese seafood during this tour of the outer Tsukiji Fish Market. Rub shoulders with Michelin-starred chefs as they shop for ingredients at this sprawling, 80-year-old market for all things aquatic.

Fushimi Inari Hidden Hiking Tour

We will adventure a secret route, full of bamboo and ferns, before arriving at the famous shrine Fushimi Inari. We will see thousands of vermillion Torii gates as we ascend to the summit, then we will take a less travelled path off the mountain to the market where you can purchase street food from many different vendors.

Most Popular Places to Visit in Japan


Officially part of Kagawa Prefecture, Naoshima is a small island in the Seto Inland Sea. Though it is a nice rustic getaway from Tokyo, the island is most famous for its numerous modern art museums, architecture, and sculptures.

Ueno Park

If your travels allow for only a brief stay in Japan, there would likely be no better place to check out than Ueno Park. This area offers a smorgasbord of attractions that allow visitors to sample many of the country’s unique charms within a single venue.


Located only 45 minutes northwest of Tokyo, Kawagoe might as well be a modern-day time machine! This little known spot has earned itself the nickname “Little Edo” (Edo being the old name for Tokyo) due to its numerous historical warehouses. Today the area is an enjoyable historic day trip from Tokyo for both travellers and locals alike.

Interesting Facts about Japan

Largest Metropolis in the World
Home to 33 million people, the Tokyo-Yokohama metropolitan area is the largest populated metropolitan region in the world.
Fish, Fish, Fish
The Japanese eat more fish than any other people in the world, about 17 million tons per year. Japan is the world’s largest importer of seafood, with shrimp comprising about one-third of the total, about four million tons a year.
Over two billion manga, Japanese comic books or graphic novels, are sold in Japan each year.


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